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The Dance of Number: Elements of the Dance - Becoming Proficient in Arithmetic Volume 1

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Title:      The Dance of Number: Elements of the Dance - Becoming Proficient in Arithmetic Volume 1
Categories:      Biblical Integration
BookID:      165
Authors:      James Nickel
ISBN-10(13):      978-0999105405
Publisher:      Sound Mind Press
Publication date:      2018-08-07
Number of pages:      322
Language:      English
Price:      0.00
Rating:      0 
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The Dance of Number, ideal for independent study, is a sequenced and tightly integrated curriculum involving four textbooks totaling 1924 pages (Grades 6-10, ages 12-16) consisting of 14 chapters, called the steps of the Dance. The only prerequisite for the first textbook is above average reading comprehension. This curriculum starts from ground zero, teaches the basics of arithmetic from a fresh, vibrant perspective, and then takes the reader on a journey that leads to the borderlands of the mountain range called Calculus. There are plenty of side roads along the way where we stop to gaze at the scenic beauty (i.e., a unified look at principles of Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry). It is a long trip; its completion is worth the effort.

The texts are not named Algebra I or Algebra II, etc., because the four-volume sequence tells an coordinated story engaging the student in the nature of the structure of number, the development of its history, and its interpenetration with science. As the student takes this journey, all the concepts of Arithmetic, high school Algebra, most of Geometry, and a complete study of Trigonometry are unfolded.

Because of this harmonized approach, these texts are different than most of what is on the market. The author wants the student to see how the ideas/branches of mathematics interpenetrate (e.g., you are doing algebraic operations and geometrical procedures as you are learning the elements of trigonometry). Our current textbook structure is not that successful at doing this.

After this four-year sequence is completed, the student would be ready either for a complete course in Geometry (if desired) or PreCalculus.

This is volume 1 of Part 1 of The Dance of Number subtitled Elements of the Dance ... Becoming Proficient in Arithmetic (Steps 1 to 4).

[General structure and specific features]

Starting with foundational issues and then exploring place value, this volume teaches the arithmetical operations of addition, subtraction, and multiplication of integers using a streamlined and efficient left-to-right paradigm, developed both in Japan, via the Soroban abacus, and in India. Emphasis is laid on developing the key skill of number sense. A basic introduction to the building blocks of Geometry is also included, along with the introduction and use of algebraic syntax. Pertinent and challenging quotes from mathematicians, scientists, and theologians appear throughout the text. To complete this thoroughly indexed text, an additional detailed solutions manual is available, a manual that includes the teacher’s guide. A suggested scheduled along with a quiz and exam packet is also available.

[Grade level]

This text is aimed at grades 6-8 (Arithmetic and Pre-Algebra).


The student must have above average reading comprehension.

[Unique Feature]

Here is a unique study of math that is grounded in Trinitarian theology: Discover the beauty of how math principles are interrelated; i.e., how they are interconnected and how they interpenetrate with the physical creation, revealing in a created way the uncreated perichoretic nature of the Triune Creator, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, who mutually indwell each other in dynamic relationship of loving communion.

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