Teacher education

  • "Formação e recursos para professores Cristãos"

  • "inspire, educate and support (student) teachers and schools providing education based on Reformed Christian principles"

  • “…inspires, educates and supports (student) teachers and schools from a Christian perspective”

  • “Los profesores de formación Transformando Vidas”

  • Few things can be more effective in learning how to teach from a biblical perspective than private, 1-on-1 coaching for designing specific lesson plans to be used with students. For a limited time, teachers may now spend 30 minutes, 1-on-1, with Dr. Christian Overman, developing a biblically-informed lesson plan, using video conferencing, anywhere in the world, for a reasonable fee. Click here for detailspng

  • Teacher in-service training using live video streaming allows Christian schools to avail themselves of this service without having to pay for a speaker’s travel costs and accommodations. This can be a significant savings! Dr. Christian Overman, Director of Worldview Matters, now provides on-line video streaming in-service training at a reasonable rate, anywhere in the world.

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  • "Training a movement of Christ-centered teachers to equip students to reflect Christ in their circles of influence"
  • Whats your church doingAn editorial from CARE UK asks this question, makes some interesting observations, and comes to a challenging conclusion.

    "… it is difficult to see how a church cannot both focus on it's own educational ministry and support those whose 'full-time ministry' is education in the classroom or lecture hall, not least when you consider the significant impact such a calling can have on the lives of countless young people. There is in effect a cameo of society in each classroom and the Christian takes God and His Word incarnate into that context. We ignore them at our peril."