• Dr. Roy Lowrie in “Christian School Administration,” The Christian Teacher (May 1960),1 listed 22 objectives for Christian schools. As I considered his list almost 60 years later, I wondered what such a list should look like in 2017. The principles of a Christ-centered education are not restricted to any specific time and place, but our focus is definitely shaped by our environment. Should there be additional objectives now? Should any of these be removed? Would changing the order better reflect the needs of students today? After all, the digital environment in which students now live, did not exist in 1960. I noticed that #19 was written from the perspective of an active participant in what God was doing in in the USA, but changing "American heritage" to "national heritage" could better reflect what we now see God doing throughout the world. What do you think? Do you have a comprehensive list of objectives that guide your decisions?